Sunday, September 22, 2013

Funny How Things Work Out.

It is kind of funny how things work out. The biggest portion of your life you spend looking forward, wishing time would pass fast so things you are anticipating would hurry and happen. As you reach your so called " golden years" you spend most of your time looking back, wishing time wouldn't go so fast. So many wonderful and not so wonderful memories. MEMORIES, now there is a subject that is really not a favorite discussion.

The word memory to  an older person is generally used in the past tense and for the young it is the future tense. With all that being said, lets move on..

Let's just go ahead and put my age right out there now as I am very thankful that the Lord has seen fit to allow me to stay around my wonderful friends and family for this many years. I have been on earth for 75 years and believe me they have not all been easy.  But then people are not standing in line to ask me my opinion on things and to hear about the way things used to be, although they really should as I am pretty darn smart and have a lot of common sense which is rare these days.(lol)

So, since no one is lined up to ask my opinion, I guess I will just have to volunteer it.  Just kidding. If you find that I am meandering here and there or going on a rabbit trail as my friend Dede says just follow along.  That is one of the fun parts of growing old. It is perfectly OK and you will be totally excused because of your age. Young people call it ADD. I call it FUN.

Come on, see if you can keep up.

Melissa (Lisa)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wow! time certainly goes by fast. It has been a really long time since I last posted on this blog. In that time Scotty and I have downsized and settled into our newest home and really love it. A lovely gated community where we feel safe and aren't afraid to leave the garage door open for a time without the contents disappearing. A perfect place for a couple of proud grand parents. It was not easy to give up my beautiful Jeff Click Home but the stairs just got higher and higher as I got older and older.  Even harder was giving up my ducklings and the wild life around the lake. But things change and we move on.

I still work part time but I work from home and have ample time for reading, gardening and enjoying my arts and crafts. I have re-discovered the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library and find that a good book is just a click or two away. No excuses for not reading.

Scotty built me a couple of raised gardens to make it easy on my back.

 We still have our lake home and always look forward to sunny weather and kids and grand kids fishing and having fun on the water.

That about brings me up to date on living life so with that said I hope to be posting more often and sharing some wonderful Art from my daughter Jamee and my grandson Justin as well as a little of my own slap stick art. I also want  to tell you about some of the talented artists that I follow on line and I hope you will enjoy the adventure.